To what depth of insincerity pale its shriveled hardened SELF lies there.
Idol a piece of steel erected.
Tribute to a fallen time not remembered
This not black and white but black and grey
So cold so far away

Searching never fulfilled
It was once yours and lies timid at your feet
Too blind to see - age has crept
Too vein to accept - the show must remain
Too blind to see…age has crept

Adrenaline at every breath
This hate, Elusive , not as well,
Stirs your confusion , this nearly
Empty vessel between your eyes

Smelling faintly, almost ,..almost , ..gone..
Of times of color and warmth
Times before jaded lended you shape
Leading on to listless nights of endless
Days never fulfilled .
Leading to that depth, sharp edge
And like the last breath panicked of the drowning
Still knowing what should FEEL
Is replaced
Continues til the end
The numbness too
Leaving disappoint of what is real

© Kymberly Ellis 03/05/22